Histogram2D.variable(statistics: str = 'mean', *args) numpy.ndarray[source]#

Gets the regular grid containing the calculated statistics.

  • statistics

    The statistics to compute The following statistics are available:

    • count : compute the count of points within each bin.

    • kurtosis : compute the kurtosis of values for points within each bin.

    • max : compute the maximum of values for point within each bin.

    • mean : compute the mean of values for points within each bin.

    • min : compute the minimum of values for points within each bin.

    • skewness : compute the skewness of values for points

    • variance : compute the variance within each bin.

  • args – Additional arguments to pass to the statistics function. For example, quantile requires a q argument that specifies the quantile to compute.


The dataset representing the calculated statistical variable.