pyinterp.calculate_orbit(height: float, lon_nadir: ndarray, lat_nadir: ndarray, time: ndarray, cycle_duration: timedelta64 | None = None, along_track_resolution: float | None = None, spheroid: Spheroid | None = None) Orbit[source]#

Calculate the orbit at the given height.

  • height – Height of the orbit, in meters.

  • lon_nadir – Nadir longitude of the orbit (degrees).

  • lat_nadir – Nadir latitude of the orbit (degrees).

  • time – Time elapsed since the start of the orbit.

  • cycle_duration – Duration of the cycle.

  • along_track_resolution – Resolution of the along-track interpolation in kilometers. Defaults to 2 kilometers.

  • spheroid – Spheroid to use for the calculations. Defaults to WGS84.


Orbit object.